Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sad :(

Today we've heard some very sad news at Mawson's training. One of the person we know there, just lost his lovely 6 months pup to paralysis ticks only this week. We were talking only just last week at the end of training and I cannot believe it. 
Another person also got one of her dog bitten by a brown snake and luckily was able to act straight away.

All sorts of sad and hard stories. It reminds me that we were lucky to see the paralysis tick on Mawson when he was just a few months old. The advantage of short coats over here. Ticks are so numerous this year that we all need to keep our eyes open, even the best treatment does not ensure full protection.

Mawson will be grumpy as that means we will checks his paws and between the tootsies even more than usual... He already got a full wash/check/treatment this afternoon. Got to try and keep the monster safe.

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