Tuesday, 10 September 2013


We've been thinking of getting some hens for a while. Just a small number, most probably 3. I've been looking at the different breeds and it is amazing how many there are! As we'll have a restricted flock, I'd very much like some Plymouth Rocks, they are quite hardy and good layers, and they are pretty!!
We have all the plans thought out and made for a lovely coop and where we want to put it, that is in the front garden where Mawson is not allowed alone anymore (that's another story...).

As real experimental scientists, we've decided to get some fertilised eggs and go from the hatch to nice feathery madams. The fertilised eggs are normally sold anytime except winter. The only issue with fertilised eggs is that obviously there are chances that the eggs will give some roosters that we cannot keep here. Those poor misters will either have to be relocated or will end up in a very different position (now where did I put my recipe for poussin?).

We were thinking of getting some this spring, but we've decided to get the front garden ready a bit more. Mostly finishing to finish the fence... it's been a long drawn story but Martin's dad helped a lot during the time he stayed here last week and it's just only a bit more elbow grease to get all that sorted (Thanks so much Frank!!!). We also need to plant some more edging greenies and let tat take up a bit.

The slight delay will also give us the chance to get mister pup even more in control and behaved in front of what can be considered "prey" for him. Not that we will let him run with the ladies when they are in the front....
Mawson was already having a bit of a dance, thinking he would have some things to chase (let's not tell him he won't be allowed and that we are getting ladies renowned for being a bit  bullyish... mwahaha I chose well....)

I'm excited even if it's not going to happen for nearly another year!! Though Martin was making some noise for a faster arrival... we'll see...

Plymouth rocks!!

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