Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Game of shadows

Last night, mum took me for our usual evening walk. We go for quite a fair way (though it's never enough for me) but tonight, I don't know... Must be the full moon approaching, I felt really craaaazy!

I got really jumpy when we passed the darned shops. So many people and cars and lights! I met a cute little friend, but he didn't feel like answering my request for a play and mum told me to 'cool it', mean mummy. Then mean mummy asked me if I was on speed, just because the rain got plenty of lovely exiting smells off the ground, it's not my fault if there is so much to smell!

Then, I got a bit confused around the oval, the lights were on and there was a lot of people running around. I didn't see their owner dogs watching them, I find it bad when owners don't keep an eye on their minions exercising in the fenced off oval. What if they get into trouble, hey? Anyway back to the issue. Well, all that running and lighting created plenty of shadows. Moving shadows, scattering away in all directions. I'm sure that they were running away from me! Ok, ok I got confused and all excited and I really wanted to chase after the shadows. Mum laughed at me and told me I was stupid! That's not a way of talking to ones handsome puppy! Tsss next time she does something stupid (and I'm sure I won't have long to wait..) you'll see, I won't let her get away with it...

Then after that we slowly made our way home. I say slowly because my gosh she is walking slowly! You would think that with her two legs she gets less mixed up than with my four, but gah! I nearly fell asleep! Anyway, we were walking (did I mention slowly?) along the road and bam! Up there on the cable, right in the middle of the street, here he was! The possum of doom!!!! And mum stopped to have a chat!! I did all I could to try and chase the evil thing, jumped up, then lamented that I couldn't jump high enough. So used mummy's head as a trampoline, well that didn't work that one! I got fairly sternly and quickly reminded of manners, I decided to lay down with a cute face for a bit to calm things down, euh, she looked a bit pissed off with me, oops! Then, I thought that my whining was not going to scare that evil creature, so I decided to start growling at it, mum called me stupid again! Tsss!
And then, she dragged me away while sneakily giving me treats, that made me forget the doom upon us. Those treats must be containing drugs.... mmm how come I forget what I am doing when she gives me some of those treats... Aha! I'm onto her! I need to investigate further...

The possum of doom
I am happy to say that the possum of doom did not catch up to us and we made it back home safe. I'm pretty sure that it was due to my intervention, obviously. Let's hope he won't call for reinforcement tomorrow. Argh an army of possums of doom that will certainly team up with the running scattering shadows. Run for your life!!!!

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