Monday, 2 September 2013

A happy puppy

Mawson has definitely caught the agility bug. He loves running around like a loon, jumping, weaving, going through tunnels. I think that the bug has also been caught by Martin. So far he has taken a subscription to a magazine, is getting a hand at learning all the stewarding tips for trials and is going to enter a trial at the end of the year. 
But at the same time the backyard has slowly been populated by more and more equipment either gathered from other fellow agility goers or constructed by our own little hands.

agility crazy much?

All I know is that there is less and less space... And here is Mawson all proud in front of our latest acquisition... It was love at first sight with his tunnel!

Doesn't he look proud!
Action shot

I do have to say that the backyard is not always filled with all the equipment. We do put away a few so we can still see that there is grass, even though the grass isn't in a very good state right now (we're working on that, who would have thought that this yard had grass that would die over the winter...).

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