Saturday, 21 September 2013

A bit of nostalgia

Martin and I have noticed that Mawson has changed his behaviour slightly.
He is happy to run like a loon, and does that on a regular basis! But he is now more and more happy to snooze about the house.

Martin has been sick this week, and Mawson has stayed around without his traditional run at 6am because I couldn't take him and Martin was nearly in a coma, and there wasn't any problem. I took him out in the evening for a bit of fun run or agility training to make up for the no exercise but he wasn't too bothered. Still, he enjoyed a few minutes of craziness.
In comparison, that would not have passed unnoticed a few months ago, and we would definitely have had a mad dog tearing the place down in order to spend his energy reserves.

So there is only one reason for that change: our puppy is growing up! I cannot believe that Mawson is already 18 months old (that is 10.5 years in dog time), and is going to enter some agility and obedience trials within the next month.
I still think of the little scaredy puppy we brought home. The little ball of mischief that made me question my sanity of ever thinking it was a good idea to welcome a dog in the mad house.

I don't think any of us three regret it now, even though Mawson definitely thinks he deserves more pigs ears and also a mum that knows where she is going on the agility course (but that's another story...). I cannot believe how much he has grown and how much we have learnt.

early "retrieve"... to the other end of the garden
cuddles with mum
All tiny and "innocent"
One thing that makes the difference easy to see is Mawson's bed. He has the same bed ever since he came in the house. He looked all lost when he first arrived at a fluffy 6kg. Now that mister monster weights at a light 33kg (!), he fills up most of it.

look at that huge bed!
daddy! down there!
The boys striking a pose

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