Friday, 6 September 2013

Not for Mawson!

Martin's dad is staying with us for a few days. Him and Martin have been hard at work on multiple projects around the house while I went to work, and Mawson was very pleased to lend a paw. Not too sure that it was always helpful but... So we now have a nice finished fence, outdoor furnitures picked up, renovated tables and a lot more things that are too numerous to list here. They also went to pick up some nice seafood in Hornsby and we ended up having an enormous seafood dinner. From oysters, raw fish, mussels. We didn't even make it to the prawns and tuna!

Mister pup was very interested by it all and mostly by the gigantic oyster shots. He seemed very disappointed when we told him it was definitely not for dogs! I don't think he saw anything wrong with vodka, tomato juice, tabasco, lime, pepper and salt... Quite a lot of vodka actually... and it was YUMMY!!!

Oysters shots! (with a few additions...)

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