Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hard day's work

Sundays are hard days of labour here! When mum doesn't take me for a long walk (she has been soooo lazy lately, that it's been a few least two!), I have to help for a lot of the house work. I did all of the gardening, daddy wasn't doing a good job, so I had to do all the composting.

A spot of gardening
Then, for some reason I ended up stuck on the other side of the fence from daddy! Poor minion was going to be all lost without my help, so I had to do a bit of begging to alert him of this fact. Weirdly he didn't rush over to let me in... don't understand that?

They finally realised that I needed to stretch my legs, so I directed them to the showground. They even put some of my agility equipment in the car, yayyy. They were grumbling that I could do the weaves but when it's on the agility course, I always get a bit excited and arrive so fast on there that I usually splatter myself on them instead of fluidly weave through. I don't care, it looks more manly to run through and pogo the weave sticks than do some bum wiggling like a girly dog, in front of all my mates...
But this morning as my mates were not there :) so I did it all perfectly. We did all the hard stuff that the minions stuffed up yesterday and I was soooo good. Well when I don't need to watch out for my street creds, I just have to gather the treats they give me if I follow their very dodgy and badly indicated hand waving directions...

Then I had to clear up the freezer of that old bone. With great difficulty, I succeeded to cover nearly all of the blanket. It was quite a challenge but I rose to it and conquered.

Making as much mess as possible
I even tried to extend my art to the carpet below that mummy had clumsily covered up with piling up all those blankets on top, obviously she didn't realise the amazing value of my work. And still she came back running like a wild thing and insisted I place back the bone on the blanky :(, tssss

Sneakily trying to get on the carpet
 After all that work, I'm completely shattered! Here comes the snooze. Hey mum, come put the blanky on me. I'm cold!

I'm exhausted now!

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