Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A newbie at agility training

Last saturday, we went to our usual agility training. There was quite a lot of people and it was fun except the fact that I stood in for Martin who had been sick, and I was myself not totally together. Ah well Mawson did look at me a bit weirdly from time to time. And I got lost on the course...
Along with all the regulars, we had a couple of newbies. One was a very ballsy magpie, who kept teasing the dogs and landing right behind jumps. Little Coco had a good try at getting that misbehaving bird but to no avail. There was also another disturbing newbie: a fairly big goanna! These guys can be quite feisty, mostly considering the small dogs here, so there was a bit of running around trying to shoo the unwanted guest away. He did hang around for a few hours but mainly up in the trees, which was disturbing the birds more than us. And none of our tiny agility doggies got nibbled!!

Not good at jumping,
but pretty good climb!

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