Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Still tired from the week end

It's not easy to tire a Mawson, but Martin and I have started to see over the last couple of weeks, that he is getting increasingly calmer and snoozy on mondays. We could think he is just getting older and wiser, hence, slowing a bit out of puppy crazy energy... But we've got a better explanation for that calmer behaviour: muscle aches!

We do quite a lot of agility training on saturdays. I think that our getting better at it, for both Mawson and his minions, means that a lot more gets crammed in every session. And with a pretty full sunday as well, I think Mawson is happy to see us go to work on monday.

Yesterday, after his usual run in the park with Martin, mister pup literally fell asleep in my arms while sitting for a cuddle. It was a bit hard to keep him up because 33kg of limp limbs are rather heavy, but I couldn't let him drop without waking him up a tad. You don't want to get the monster grumpy as well as sleepy!

I'm pretty sure that he snored all day long, and with the hot days of summer coming, I fully expect a melted, as well as achy, puppy in the future.


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