Thursday, 19 September 2013

Nurse Mawson

Daddy has been sick for the last couple of days. So I had to keep an eye on him while he was at death's door on the sofa. Nudging him from time to time, giving him licks straight on the nose, chewing my raw hide bone in his ear... I even succeeded to sneak on the sofa while he was asleep, mwahaha! He woke up with me on top of him, mwahaha! The house take over has begun. I just need to wait until they are really out of it..... But then mummy came home and she stopped my fun :(

At least, she put us all in the car with some agility equipment and we went to have a lot of runs and jumps and fetching of the ball. All while daddy was shivering in a little ball on the front seat... Ah well...

Looking after daddy all day is exhausting though... And he didn't even get up to give me a pig's ear, only had a tiny one from mummy when she left for work. So now I need a big sleep, no energy you see, sealed with a few groans to make sure they all realise how tired I am! Zzzzzzz


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