Sunday, 29 September 2013

Problem? What problem??

Last week at agility, I ran Mawson for the training. Usually Martin does the agility and I do the obedience/agility in the afternoon. But as Martin had been sick, he wasn't feeling up to it.
The main issue is that I wasn't completely together myself. And if you can't think or don't have energy on the course, well you mess up!
And indeed, I MESSED UP. Got lost on the course, couldn't move at the right place. And it ended up with Mawson taking himself on the dog walk and slipping off slightly. That in itself would not be a problem to the majority of dogs. However, we are not talking normal dogs here. We are talking about Mawson the drama queen! This means that he has not wanted, ever since, to put a paw back on the dog walk.

We have tried again this week and it looked like we were trying to pull his limbs off with tweezers (well you do have to make it fun...). Even worse than that, we have entered an agility trial in two weeks and we have no way of practising that item and getting him back on track before then due to the long week end next week. So that means that, if there is a dog walk on the course, which really is a pretty given thing, well pardon me the expression but we're screwed!

So Martin stole the car this morning while I went for a walk with Mawson. And when we came back: tadaaaaa! A dog walk!!!! Martin even made it a bit ricketty so that it resembles the real item. I think he did a fine job. And givens Mawson's reaction (that is to say nan, not going on that), he did something pretty close to the original. It doesn't even matter that we did at least twenty runs on similar structures at the bike track this morning....

Argh, where did they find that!

Anyway, after a bit of encouragements, happy voices, and begging with treats... well yayyyy he went on. We have set it on a low level for this week to make sure he gets secure, and we will put it higher next week. Fingers crossed that will cure him, only time will tell...

ok, ok I'll "walk on"

now give me that treat!

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