Thursday, 29 May 2014

No, I'm not spoilt...

I had a great day with Dad again. He stayed working at home this morning and then he took the afternoon off and we went for some retrieving training out west :)
There was a lot of new people but I didn't get scared so that's a pretty good positive hey??
I spent all my afternoon blissfully naked, frolicking in the fields! I didn't even have my collar on and I've been mostly well behaved ;P
I did have a bit of sniffing going, but that's mum's fault because we went playing next to kangaroos in the  dark yesterday evening, so...

After a full afternoon of running, retrieving as well as swimming in the dam!!! Woohoo!! We came back home with a new pair of PJs, so like that I got two pairs and never have to suffer the cold during the night when one is being washed and drying.
When mummy came back from work the minions decided to have a little treat. So they whipped out a little box of metal... wow really?!! What a treat guys geeez... But then uhhh I see they took the little weird instrument that opens boxes, phew! And guess what it was?? Foie gras!! Yipeeeee, what it's not for dogs??? Humph :(
I worked hard on mum and she made a tiny little toast for me, mwahahaha!! It's only just fitting for a GSP of my standing after all! :P

All right now I'm tired after that big day, let's go and test those PJs... zzzzzzzz
I want to add my PJs are red not pink!!!!

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