Sunday, 11 May 2014

Walking the trails

This afternoon, we had planed to try some new trails in the national park. You see where we are, the national parks are not allowed to dogs, there are only a few tracks where pups can go on lead. Luckily for me there is one not too far from us, but this morning the minions were all happy because they found another nice one on the council site. So we all packed up, piled in the car and directed ourselves to the start of the track... Unfortunately, when we arrived we found the big sign with an interdiction or dogs... went the other end of the track, same thing!!! Well done Ku-ring-gai council... One thing on the website another on the actual trail... The minions didn't want to tempt it as didn't know which indication was the right one and don't think the ranger will care that that stoopid website says otherwise... sniff *sobs* back in the car :(
But then the minions stopped a bit later and we found one of the trails that mum and I had been on before. Dad hadn't though. I love the trails, so many smells and things to look at. And today there was so many wallabies, I wasn't sure where to look! The bonus was also a beautiful weather and lovely warming sun. overall a great walk to save the day. 
wallaby that way
I even perfected my smile for the camera. Just enough teeth... Such a supermodel...
my best smile for the camera

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