Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Last week's recap

Last week was a really big week with lots of things happening, so I am just going to talk to you about the highlights.

On Saturday, we went to agility training with dad and all was fun until I stepped on a stray bee! OUCH!!! She just got me in between the pads in the tender spot :( luckily I think that the stinger didn't go very deep and daddy got it out straight away. But I still couldn't do my last run so I was a bit bummed.

On Sunday was the NSDTC Obedience and Rally-O trial, there was also a Retrieving trial. We didn't enter in any of the trials but dad and I went to check things out and do the cheerleaders for some of our mates. There was some very good results and my mate Bodhi had an amazing day! Maybe in a bit I'll re-enter some of those trials with mum, but lets wait a bit more... I did get a lot of pats without having to work hard in theses trials so not too bad ;)

Then dad and I got visitors on Sunday. First was Nana!! I was all excited, I love my Nana and I got plenty of cuddles and treats yay! But then some more visitors came later and I was not too sure about all those people in my house, so daddy made my bed in the bedroom so I could go and relax. Was ok, I could go out when they were having their meals to check that they weren't trying to abduct dad and Nana.

Then later on, for some reason daddy started to frantically clean the house... mmmm weird! And then on Thursday morning we got in the car. I s'pose we were going to our usual oval for some early morning exercise, but it looked that Dad wasn't really awake cause he took the completely wrong way, and gosh it was long. Then he stopped in a big car park... uh Daaaad!! But after a minute or so... OMD... MUMMY!!!!! She's back! I was a bit shocked so I decided that I wasn't going to look at her, only did it sneakily when she was turning her head away. But then when we arrived home she had some presents for me from peeps over in France! I must say I couldn't keep up the sulk, so I decided to use the sticky glue tactic :P

Now all is back to normal with both my minions. I like my normal routine so I have decided to hunt down the minions' passports and eat them. They won't be able to leave anymore that way!!

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