Sunday, 11 May 2014

Just a regular Sunday morning

Dad's giving in to his addiction again. He couldn't hold on after 9.30am even though mum said it might be better to wait till 10am on Sunday morning... He was starting to shake... So he took out the mower and decided to behead the poor little blades of grass who were trying to grow.

Anyway, means I have a bit of time to write a post while mum is cleaning up the kitchen. Already been for a walk this morning. Dad met with a few of the morning dog park peeps. We don't go to the dog park anymore these days, but we often pass around to say hi to the regulars after our morning fun.

All the minions and us pups went for a nice neighbourhood walk. Was real fun! It's the first time I walk with a whole lot of other dogs. I usually walk alone with one or both the minions you see.

It was very cool, I think I felt a lot more relaxed with all the pups around than when I am all alone. For some reason they were all walking in a very straight line. Personally, I am a bit more of a freestyler in my walking pattern. I like to sniff and zigzag... I don't drag the minions anymore, I just fall asleep if I go straight, and as I walk with mum usually, well as she walks so slowly I have time to spare, so I can check out the surroundings!

That was a nice long walk and dad has been chatting all the way. I heard that one of the minion there just got a new gun dog pup. He is a bit too young to join us on walks but hopefully in a little while, we can meet him and I can have a partner in crime, mwahaha!

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