Monday, 26 May 2014

Manly May fundraising trial recap

On friday evening, the minions were all agitated and baking stuff and packing. I was wondering if they had finally gone mad. Or I shall said beyond mad (they're already mad!!). But still they were making some of my treats, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and supervised... My help was possibly going to be needed...
So anyway, Saturday morning the alarm clock went off very early, was really dark outside! And even more shocking if you ask me, mum got up nearly straight away...

We all got in the car and drove into the night... ok that's a bit dramatic, was getting light when we left but still... early!! After a while we arrived to some grounds I know very well, that means agility trials, woohoo sooo excited!! Mum and dad tried to get some of my energy out before the first run and we played a lot in the big field on the other side. I'm not sure it removed a lot of it!
We had a big day planned, mum told me I had 5 courses to do!!  

The first one was RQH agility. We've been training contacts a lot lately, because I'm not a great fan of waiting around for the minions to catch up, so I have a tendency to fly off things. But training contacts means that there is a bit of focus on contact apparatus. That also means that if I see one I know I can get treats on the other side and hence will go to do it, even if dad does star jumps on the other side and appear to indicate something else... dad I'm busy doing the A frame, will you stop pointing at that jump... oh... right... my bad! And anyway everybody knows I'm good at weaving, I don't need to prove it again, so I'll let that off thank you very much... And I don't like the look of that dog walk, and dad didn't want me to go on there earlier, so I'll just avoid it now because I'm not allowed to go on there, don't care if dad seems to have changed his mind... Weirdly, we seem to have been DQed on that run, no idea why, must be the judge... He might have forgotten his glasses this morning...

Next was Open jumping. We did a few things really well and also did the challenge part like pros, dad and I were so gobsmacked that we forgot to get the serpentine afterwards so got DQed, but hey whatever :P 

JDX 1 ahem well a few of my buddies had gone and done a wee in the middle of the course... I wasn't going to let them have the last say... or more appropriately, the last wee... I was a bit distracted too, but we got very lucky to restart. The course was quite tricky, we did a few good things but I missed a jump with the tight turns, ah well...

JDX 2 Dad and I started well, so very well. We were flying, turning, jumping, the dream team was on, faster than the wind, so impressive and outstanding, and the last turn approaches, so well executed, second to last jump... oh look a fly! ARGH the jump!! Oops bar down, sorry dad... We so nearly got it!!

JDX 3 Had a pretty good run through, and we passed some of the tricky bit with flying colours but at one moment dad destroyed a jump... That doesn't help... I wasn't faultless either but I just want to point out... DAD DESTROYED A JUMP!!! I guess that's a DQ then...

Ok my recap doesn't sound very brilliant but actually, dad and I were pretty good! A lot more focus, a lot more good moves and some pretty impressive jumping. All in all even if we didn't get any qualies, it was still a great progress.

After our exertion I went playing in the dam with The ladies. 3 GSPs lass from the club... puffs up chest... even did some lovely recalls while goofing around so dad was proud (his time to puff up his chest!)

Two of the ladies (Quinn and Shellbe) have done fab runs with qualies in JDXs and Quinn even got her JDX title. They were all really chuffed with their mums. And my buddy Monty got his novice title with his dad Cyril, so he'll be coming with us next time :)

After we said bye, I went walkabout with my minions at the end after we packed up. I was off lead for the whole thing! And we played recall and retrieve games, and also played with the ball. Was fab!
early morning start, with a big sun in the sky
After such a big day, we all had a fairly lazy Sunday. But as usual lazy in this house lazy Sunday starts at 6am... bit of cleaning, bit of organising, even saw the minions playing with the chickens... Well mum was holding them and dad was throwing powdery stuff around on both the hens and mum. Dad looked like he was having fun, mum and the hens seemed a bit miffed... But you know what all is well here because after they went out leaving me alllllll alone (very mean if you want my opinion..), well they came back with an antler! Mum had been looking for one for ages and now I got one :) so sorry pals but I need to go. I've got some chewing to do!

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