Thursday, 22 May 2014

Winter is coming, the real one not the HBO one

There is no denying it, summer's gone... The days are growing shorter and it's definitely getting colder! But lately, we've had some beautiful days and the trees are also changing their colours. Makes for lovely walks!
What is fantastic with that is that one of the trees in the backyard is loosing its leaves. The minions make little piles of those leaves and then I can zoom and play in the piles :D! Then the minions do them again and I can start playing all over again. It goes on like that for quite a while woohoo!! And when they try to put the leaves in a bucket to take them to the bin, I take them out again. That's a whole lot of infinite fun :)
But after all that fun I need to put back my PJs on because it is very cold. And I also ask the minions to start the fire for a bit of extra warmth. I like to roast my little bum!!! 

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