Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Trick and Treat Tuesdays: you need to stretch properly

Alright peeps, as mum abandoned me to the cold and damp with no regards to my well being... What do you all mean "dad is staying with me" and "I'm not alone"? Just slight pesky details... MUM HAD ABANDONNED ME!
Anyway because of that I need to take the trick and treat post in my own paws, once again... She has done not a single post So I decided to present to you another one of my best tricks. You would say it comes nearly naturally to me!

Well as you know I'm doing a lot of high energy stuff like agility. It's quite hard on the body so as for athletes, pups need to learn how to stretch properly. The minions and I have also started to do training on retrieving, so it is important to hone one's skills in observation and nose detection.

In order to do my trick, one need to practise all these skills. Ideally this trick is better done when minions are doing DIY.

So at first you need to observe the minions and what they do, patiently. Do a couple of stretchings, play bow style, veeery important, got to warm up...

When they are in the middle of a very important step, preferably on a ladder or under some sort of equipment/furniture, dive in, steal the next vital item they were just going to need and run away with it. After that it is just a question of running around as fast as possible without being caught by the irate and slightly pissed off minion!! And tadaaaaa that's my best trick: stealing things :P

What?? What do you mean by that's not a trick!!?????

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