Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New PJs

One of the mum of an agility buddy at the club, that is Maggie and my buddy Jester, recently had to say goodbye to her older dog, Toby. I only met Toby once and he seemed to be a lovely pup. Jester is quite a bit smaller than him and his mum had some things that were not fitting him. She brought a few items at the club to see if some of those would be good for us. I'm quite big you see... as I said before I'm NOT FAT!! but anyway humph...

Being a GSP I have shorthair, well it's all in the name really... And I do have quite  thin fur even for a GSP! That means I sometimes (alright, often...) get a bit chilled, outside when the temperature drops down and even inside at night. I like to have my little blanky to keep me warm and the minions have always had to tuck me in to bed. The only problem with that is that when I wriggled during the night, the blanket was coming off and I was getting cold! 

In the things that my buddy's mum had was some nice PJs! The minions thought that it could be worth a try. They brought it back with us and I have not looked back ever since. I love it!! It's keeping me nice and toasty. Whereas dad was always finding me in a little ball with cold ears in the morning, trying to keep warm, I am now sprawled out and comfy :)

These PJs are the best and definitely will be put to good use. So thank you very much Maggie xxxx

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