Monday, 12 May 2014

Friday to Monday agility fun!

Wow, had a fab time for the last few days. Since Friday, the minions and I have had 3 sessions of agility amongst other things! Cool isn't it?!!

It started on Friday. Dad and I went for a bit of Gundog madness. Our class had 6 GSPs and Jester the Brittany. I think I might have been the youngest of the class but I'm pretty sure I was the biggest... Ahem I'm not fat, I'm just a big pup! Was good though, we learnt plenty of things and dad was proud of me :) well to be honest daddy is quite often proud of me, but let's be real... Why wouldn't he? Bwahaha...

Then, on Saturday it was the club training. Quite a few of my Gundog buddies came back too. We did great during the training/exercise part of the session. I was listening well to dad and did some tricky moves. But then the full course time came. Dad told me to wait at the start a few metres away from the first jump, which I did... Then he told me to go... Why run when you can jump... So I started from about 3m away, still cleared it, just... From that point on, mum seemed to know that it was going to be an "interesting" run. I dunno if I was tired or just wanted to have a bit of fun, but all dad and mine nicely rehearsed moves went out the window. I modelled my beautiful and unique bunny hop technique, and... did anybody say contacts? Well, it was fun, I think, if not entirely how dad pictured it in his head. I didn't run away though, so I don't see what's the problem really :P
the Gundog club
bit of a relax and stretch before a run
On Monday evening, mum and I left for training. We do RallyO usually, but tonight mum was preparing weirdly. We did a lot of running around and retrieving, then another run around the grounds of the Showground. There were possums and wallabies everywhere again. I did lose it at a few points but mum was happy that I came back quickly and still remembered what a sit was while in full crazy "want the wallaby" mode. I really need to work on my possum catching skills. I can smell them good enough up those trees, but geez, I have to perfect my tree climbing abilities. I just go up a few centimetres and gravity gets the better of me, despite me holding on tightly with my paws...
Anyway, after all that, instead of going to RallyO, mum went at the other end! Yay agility!! Did plenty of calming training and trying to get me to wait patiently while she was helping to setup the course and walking it. I stayed a bit but then I needed my cuddles, so proceeded to remind her I was there. Think my whining did the trick cause she came back :)

She did look like she walked the course about a billion times. It was a fab course, lots of tight turns and tricky bits. The first two runs we did, well... I showed my speed... I was pumped!! Let's say that there was no way mum was going to be in front of me in a lot of those turns... I was impressed that she succeeded to keep up with me in the back straight but didn't last very long, bwahaha!
However, on our last run we had an amazing shot at glory! I was a bit tired you see, so instead of lightning speed, I just used the rocket speed. If mum hadn't mucked up the middle by forgetting where obstacle 14 was... we would have been excellent. She was still over the moon to have got me around a pretty good resemblance of the actual course setting. So yay us!

I really love doing agility with both my minions, hope mum will continue doing some with me on Monday evenings. We might do a bit of a mix, but as long as I do a bit of agility I'm happy :)

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