Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The lime ceremony

Some of you might remember that the minions got a little lime tree from my french grandma and grandpa. After a bit of a shaky start, the little lime tree actually ended up with a nice growing lime! That's ages that mum and dad were hesitating with cutting the little thing or not and finally this weekend they did it! T'was a big event for such tiny green ball, but hey I don't always understand the minions...
the lime cutting ceremony underway
I had to attend the ceremony, but really I tried to get them to go a bit faster... Had my bone to chew me! They said they used the green ball to do a smelling drink they called jeans and tunic, didn't know the tiny green ball was items of clothing?!?! I'm confused...
are you getting on with it...pfff


  1. Your mum and Dad could have done a "ti punch", your aunt C├ęcile would have prefered!!!! ;)

    1. Tsehehe, they said there was a lot more to come so they should prepare a whole list of lime recipes. I'll make sure they add your ti punch onto it :) I don't like bubbles either me and I must say I don't like a lot of the minions drink that smell weird and chemically yuk! I like milk though, but not sure lime and milk would work and I don't like lime anyway... I know I'm fussy..... Big licks to you :P