Sunday, 18 May 2014

Crazy Saturday

Had a super duper day today. The minions had told me that due to an event there was no agility training at the club. So I was a bit upset. But then both the minions got up really early this morning... I was wondering what was going on! They packed up a lot of things in the car and a lot of treats, that sounded quite good. Wondered if there was a trial on, but dad didn't get all his usual gears.

We went on a car ride for a long time, so boring. I'm not talking about the driving cause well that was scary... Anyway, after ages we arrived to a cool place, so many smells and space. Aaaaand plenty of pups and an agility course!!! Woohoo!!
Was a lot of hard work, lots of training, but was great and we learnt plenty. I had some troubles of concentration because of all the smells and the rabbit poos. Mum even used some as treats for me when she ran out of regular treats when we were away from the stash... I didn't mind was well yummy!
I tried to be a good pup, nearly got there with a few exceptions... And I did not too bad on the course too, just need to get my strides in check. Like, a lot...
When we finished the training, we went and have fun in the dam. Dad did some water retrieve training. I loved it! Then the other pups came in and 3 other GSPs. Two were real little pups, it was so good. We played chase and the pups tried to catch me, bwahaha. They kept waiting for me at the edge of the dam to try and steal the dummy I was retrieving, they don't go swimming yet you see. Was so fun, and mum looked all happy I was getting on with the little pups for some reason... mmm dunno why?...
not bad scenery over there
Even after all the agility work, the minions still added some work on my contacts. Cause apparently, flying off contacts is not done gnagnagna... I don't care, it's fun!!
bit of additional contact work

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