Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Off limits

I know that there are a lot of different views on this matter out there, but both Martin and I agreed early on that Mawson would not be allowed on furnitures. Either beds, sofas, chairs... We originally had a few other agreements... but this one is the main one that is and will still be standing.
One of the major reason, other than trying to make keep some sorts of boundaries, is that Mawson has got a big bum and he doesn't know how to share (I've learnt that from the only time I caved in).

Sneaking up when he was still trying to win!

To be fair, he has a dog bed that is comfier than the current sofa we have in the salon and far more spacious. The funny thing is that he now knows it and he doesn't even go on the sofa when we are out. Not that he even attempts it while we are in either. Now it is mostly when I am watching the telly or trying to do something on my computer that there is a sneaky bum nonchalantly getting placed on the side of the sofa. It starts with just a slight leaning and then a shift...then a rearrangement while looking around innocently. I can't say anything all 4 paws are still firmly on the ground...barely. He still doesn't win anymore space.

I am on it, can't move me!
This move resulted a few seconds later
in the full sofa getting tilted and a very
offended despatched GSP on the floor.

The only time we share is when we go camping and I am usually the one with a snuggled puppy while Martin sleeps like a baby. I have to confess that I love it, except for those paws up my nose, the wriggling and the occasional kick in the guts, oh and the snoring, ok I stop here...

Funnily, after starting to prepare this post, I read the last post from another GSP blog today (Otto's dog blog) and Otto seems to have the same problems as Mawson with "mean" parents not letting him and his brother get on sofas or bed.
Luckily for me, I only have one little monster to deal with and not a tag team trying to weaken my resolve.

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