Saturday, 13 July 2013

When Martin's away, the Mawson dances

Martin and I are both marine microbiologist. However, Martin is the hardened sea dog who keeps going away on research voyages onboard various ships and floating things. I might digress onto what we are actually doing in a future post, because really... that's "pretty cool"!
Anyway, what all this travel means is that I am often left with Mawson for extended amount of time. I realised last time that I had never left the house for a trip away without mister pup, even overnight, ever since he came in the house :O !!

The first long trip away from Martin was a bit hard for pup, I could not even mention the word daddy without having a crazy puppy running to the front windows wagging his tail until the tail detached... (ok not literally) and then coming back with a dejected little face. The subsequent trips have been much better and he is now resigned to being abandoned.
The thing is, I think he actually quite likes it now because I tend to overcompensate and spend every single spare second of the day doing fun things with him. His morning run was nearly doubled in length, we did jogging and walks in the evening with a lot of play time and training and then a cuddle for the rest of the evening until way past normal bedtime. And also my whole weekends were pretty much Mawson-time with variety of trainings on saturdays and beach runs or long walks on sunday, without forgetting a piece of beef shinbone every sunday afternoon (that one was for me to put my legs up for just one hour!).

mmmmm shinbone....

So, I am pretty sure that Mawson has a lot of fun when Martin is away and that showed a lot in the monster's training and obedience with me. The main issue is that I end up exhausted!

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