Thursday, 18 July 2013

Little bit of holidays DIY

Martin and I have decided to do a few things on the house while we had some time off over the next few days. Mawson is overlooking all of the house improvements and renovation to make sure the standard of his place is kept proper. So a couple of days ago, amongst other things, we finally got Martin's birthday present we got on the week end (well his b'day is in February but better late than never...).

We had to build it ourselves as it was flat packed and from a pile of metal, screws and rivets came out....

Serious construction.

Martin had to use his favourite chemical in the whole wide world (WD40 or as I call it WKD40 because I hate the smell of the stuff).
It also passed inspection from the site manager, so we have been able to store out a lot of bits and pieces into it. Just needs a better base that will come in a tad.

Site inspection
Now that we have made space in the garage, we can work on getting it sorted for the rest of the week, and also on the under-house space (that we can now access properly) and one of the bedroom that needs full reno. Yay, holidays!!....

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