Friday, 12 July 2013

Sunday morning stroll

After a week of torrential rain, we got a beautiful week of sunny winter days. Sometimes I really wonder about the seasons in Australia?! Anyway, sunday morning was bright, sunny and cool so I decided to go for a "long" walk with Mawson, while Martin was playing the little winemaker.
We ended up walking for nearly 12 kms, and it was the best walk of Mawson so far! It was all the more impressive that this was a new route we had never walked before. Usually, in this case, he has to check every single blade of grass or stone on a 2 m radius around me for every square millimetre we pass close to. But not too much this time! and it was very agreeable. There was still sniffing about and a lot of fun, but I got to enjoy the walk as well for a change.
Not a lot of people were around, I guess a combination of sunday morning, cold, and sunday morning... But that meant that on the way we saw quite a few birds checking out the gardens, and yet again Mawson had a stand off with a currawong. Those always last for a while until I get enough of it and either shoo the bird off (they are pretty cool customers those ones) or have to somehow get mister pup moving.

During our walk, we saw the best bus stop I have seen so far here... guess somebody got fed up to wait for the delayed bus or maybe they like a bit of comfort... either way I had to take a pic!

The latest Sydney design for bus stops

The good thing is that walking this new route gave me some more ideas of other new routes for the week ends. I like to vary a bit from the week evening walks and also I rarely do 10kms plus every evening!

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