Sunday, 28 July 2013

Well, life is not fair!

As I said in the previous blog post, Mawson was a very good boy throughout the time off Martin and I took, and yesterday at both agility and obedience classes, where he passed his test to go to 4th class. Given he was exhausted in the evening and came back home to snore, we thought we would celebrate by bringing him to one of his favourite spot for a play: the beach at Bayview.

He started by being all excited and running like a crazed GSP with a handful of dogs chasing him as per usual. Then we started playing with the ball, all happy for a while. And then a stupid idiotic black lab (not the usual dog I keep an eye on, as the labs there are all pretty harmless...) took great amusement at hunting down and harassing Mawson, who was doing his running around thing, trying not to pay great attention to that dog and not really playing with him. After I decided that the lab was a bit too much, and realising no owner was even bothered to keep his dog in check, I stepped in nicely and told monster lab to go the other way, very nicely and no problem there.
Then we restarted to play with Mawson and the ball, and all moved on for a couple of minutes... until the ball went in the saltwater and Mawson stopped dead straight in his chase of the ball, came back on the sand and crumbled down nearly as dramatically as when we asking him to play the dead dog. Not the usual hyped up Mawson at the beach after barely 1h run! To our (at least mine...) horror we discovered a big bleeding gash on his left hind... Obviously the lab had just left, possibly luckily for the owner, as I am not taking this type of things very well.

So our celebration turned to a trip at the vet on a sunday, obviously, a poor puppy with a big gash who is very quiet with his big bobo, and needs to go back to the vet for stitches tomorrow... yayyy... at least I got him a big bone out of the freezer and he is now gnawing on it while looking all pitiful. 
Poor puppy :( 


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