Sunday, 7 July 2013

Walk vs run

I have recently discovered that Mawson is better at jogging than he is at walking.
Not that, he is bad at walking but he gets distracted by smells or the worst thing: rabbits! Then I get a zebulon on springs and I am fast running out of shoulders... We've been working on that and he now keeps it together pretty well, most of the time...

However, when I go for a jog, he very quickly gets in his stride next to me (all is relative of course!). He doesn't pull me about, stop to sniff or zig zag like crazy in front of me, which makes the whole thing quite pleasant. He is happy prancing and trotting by my side.

The only thing is I am better at walking than jogging.... But he is a real motivator. He goes quite steadily so he is a pretty good pace keeper and I somehow feel like I don't want to let him down by stopping or I will get the disappointed look back that tells me I am really a weak softy who can't run for 4 kms every evening after work... Somehow it shouldn't bother me that Mawson gives me the "look" but actually it does, so I keep going. No wonder my dog is weird, I think I might be weird too!

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