Friday, 26 July 2013

Nice warm and cosy fire

It's winter in Oz right now. Even if the weather is not going down to extreme cold temperatures, the evenings can be a bit chilly. So usually, in the eve we settle in front of the telly (well the Ashes are on right now!) with a cup of tea, and we start the gas fire. Mawson is a great adept of the fire and has declared that the space in front was his. He also requests his comfy little bed as pillow... 
If it is not on, he sits next to the fire staring intently at Martin.
I must say that I like the warmth of the fire, but I sometimes wonder how a living creature can stand so close without being cooked. 

Comfy late night sleep,
lucky you don't hear the snoring...

He also loves the white tufty carpet we have there, and enjoys doing the aimless GSP roll on it at any occasion. The life of a dog is so hard!...

Melting in the carpet

Who dares disturbing me while on important business????

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