Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Little trip away

Well, before all these misadventures with Mawson, we had actually had a good time, with a few days off in the Blue mountains. We found a nice spot, with lovely wood cabins you could rent in a large property, that was also dog friendly (thanks are due to somebody from the early dog park crew, but I can't remember who!!!). No real link with the outside world for a few days was good! There was a telly but it didn't got turned on. Only nice long walks (I'll come back to that in my next post), a couple of good books and a bit of knitting in front of a wood stove fire. Well I should also add a few bottles of wine and a few good meals. It was lovely. The only down point was that Martin learnt just before we left that he had a job interview on skype on the friday afternoon (typical that that had to fall during the only two weeks holidays we take in 2 years...).

Our wood cabin
The view from the cabin. Not too bad...

The great thing is that we had fantastic weather for the whole stay. Only one day had a little bit of cloud cover that lifted slightly throughout the day. But goodness it was cool, average of 5-10˚C, and frost on the ground in the morning. There was a few middays that got really warmed up by the lovely sunshine but brrrrrrr. Which make the log fire all the more worthwhile.

Waiting for mum to be ready in front of the fire.
Never ending hills means long walks.
We did some fantastic walks amongst the goats pasture land. There was a few trillions kangaroos, with added goats, rabbits and wombats, and I am not even talking of the birds. That made for interesting times with Mawson who was constantly having heart attacks from concentrating on kangaroos and the odd goats. I thought his leg was going to forever be stuck in the point position. I think he was thinking of himself as the great hunter of the land but we were definitely not convinced with Martin.

The two dots are Mawson and me!
Boing, boing, boing.... Kangaroo conga

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