Thursday, 18 July 2013

sun :), rain :(

I have a decree! I declare that:

sun = good          rain = bad.

When it's sunny, we do all sorts of funny stuffs, and we go to the beach, and we do long walks. And when it rains, well.... actually... we do the same but that's not as good because it's all wet and cold!

I loooove the sun and I loooove to sun my little butt in the garden.

Happy sunny day face!!
This is the life

I get all miserable when the rain is on and I don't want to go out to do my business, unless mum and dad get the umbrella out (hehehe).

Grumpy desolate rainy day face :(

At least I never have to face that here, thankfully!!!

??!! Are you crazy!! Not in Oz!!
I leave that to grandpa and grandma!

I only have found one issue with the sun. The problem is that in Australia the sun gets really hot. And I don't like that either! In summer, I tend to melt! So I just need to add a note to my decree: 
sun (in moderation) = good....

The only downside of hot sun: melting!

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