Friday, 19 July 2013


Nearly three months ago, Mawson successfully graduated to 3rd class in obedience, we might go to 4th soon now! We had been working hard on that, as it is the obedience grail to be able to start some other cool activities. They appear not to want silly puppies running around crazily during non-enclosed classes... weird.... Anyway what it means is that we were able to start agility!!!
He had really enjoyed the bits and pieces we did in puppy classes, and it is a fun way of getting energy out of a teenage GSP, or any GSP for that matter.

I started doing the class on saturday mornings, but as I am doing the obedience classes on the saturday afternoon, Martin has taken over, so we both have our speciality. Mawson has taken on very well and seems to have a lot of fun. He is still learning a lot, how to do all the different equipments but most jumps, tunnels, tables and A frames are go. There are a few things we haven't yet done such as the walk over (he is a wimp), the see-saw (scary!) and the weaves (he has a big butt...) plus a whole lot of other things, but for now, we are having fun. I must say that the main problem for Mawson's advancement is us! It is actually really hard to get oneself organised and not either confuse Mawson as to where to go next, or trip onto our own feet. And also there are always birds on the course....

I'm flying!

As we are a bit crazy and on holidays right now, we have been doing a bit of construction at home, for Mawson to do some homework. We are pretty proud of our efforts! (don't pay attention to our awful lawn, it appears that the curl grubs are back with a vengeance this year yet again, sniff)


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