Monday, 29 July 2013

Poor puppy

Mister puppy had to go to the vet to get stitched up today. He had to have the whole shebang of full anaesthetic and surgery. He wasn't best pleased this morning, when we brought him to the vet for the second day in a row, but proved himself to be a tough big boy when he got viciously stabbed by the vet with a needle. I still had to bring him into the crate at the back of the vet, because they were a bit too unsure he would follow them. I tried to mirror Mawson by being a big tough mummy, but it's hard when you turn around and there is a trembling, half crying puppy, looking back at you from the cage with big puppy eyes. If he could have done the wobbly lower lip look, he would have done it.

I've stayed at home to nervously await the call from the vet. But succeeded to sneak out to the butcher and finally secure a shinbone for him. These things are fought upon by crazed doggy mums around Turramurra. I'm lucky to have got out of it without any scratches or loss of limbs...

Anyway wobbly boots is now back home with his war wounds, a bit sore and extremely pitiful.

Now to make sure he doesn't gnaw on is leg... will the cone of shame have to come back out?

trying to stop the wobbling
with legs wide apart!

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