Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mawson's quirk #1

Mawson is our first GSP, actually my first dog whatsoever! I know! Easy choice...
So all I know about the breed is from reading books and blogs, and meeting other GSPs during our many adventures. Mawson has got quite a lot of typical GSP behaviour in him (mainly the goofiness) but he also has got some quirks that we have issues understanding. One thing that has developed just before he turned a year old is making both Martin and I shake our heads.

Mawson has always had some (!) toys of all sorts. Soft toys, chewing ropes, chewing plasticky things actually plenty of chewing things so that he uses that better than any of our stuffs. And to be fair to this Great Silly Puppy (GSP!), he has not really destroyed much at all in the house.
We always call Mawson a little sensitive soul because he is very calm and submissive as a dog (though he has his monster moments...) and tends to whine and cry (just a bit, not incessantly)  for no reason and certainly not from lack of entertainment or exercise... believe me... But nowadays we cannot give him any soft toys, they are instant melt-down inducers and I am not talking about a looking sad and quiet with the toy. We are talking full melt down like if we had beaten him for 24h straight beforehand: kneading, crying, suckling, big sobbing sighs etc. He can be the happiest puppy at the time in any situation, go get a soft toy, give it to him and you can be sure that he will be bawling his eyes out within 5 minutes without fail. So he doesn't get his soft toys anymore... But don't worry he has plenty of replacement toys...

I have looked and asked around and nobody seems to have that issue in any of their dogs. We think that might be related to a very early experience when he was a tiny pup before we got him but we're not sure. So if you read this and have a GSP that cries for some reason please do tell me that it happens... Or maybe Mawson is broken, but I'm not looking for the receipt to return him though :P

A double whammy of soft toy and 10 minutes delay
for his run due to pouring rain outside
=  distraught GSP 

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