Saturday, 1 June 2013

The visit to forget

We got Mawson as a limited register dog. In Australia all dogs must be registered to the council, but there are also extra registrations for pedigree dogs. We do not want to enter Mawson in dog shows, mostly because we think he would be gorgeous enough to win everything, it wouldn't be fair to the other poor GSP entering :P ! Just kidding!!
We just want a buddy and we are not interested at all in breeding him or so on. So that means that at one time or another Mawson would have to go and have a fateful visit to part with something(s)...

As he is a big dog and it is better to wait a bit for them to develop their structure, we did not go straight at 6 months. Mawson has never shown any unwanted sexual behaviour such as humping (to the only exception of his mister broccoli plush toy... sorry mister broccoli!) or dominance, aggression, etc... so there was no urgency there either.

Then, Christmas was coming, we had a bit of time off or at least less crazy than usual so we thought it was going to be as good as a moment than any other. And we did the booking...
I must say, I had no intention of breeding and no issue whatsoever with the neutering, but we both felt like very mean parents on the day.

The nurse and vet had instructed to not give him any breakfast on the day. They also told us that he would be all groggy in the evening, so we would have a nice quiet evening. Then all we had to do was to keep him quiet for the next 10 days until his stitches were ready to be removed.

All went well on the day, and mister was starving when I picked him up later as he did not accept food from them...typical... so I went home with a slightly drunken Mawson. He wasn't paying too much attention to his wounds but just in case, they gave me a cone of shame. They didn't have his size so it was a bit too big for him. He ate like if he had never seen food when we arrived back home (though I gave only little bits not to overdo it). And I had to place him in the cone of shame...

I don't know if they were even aware of what a GSP is, but a quiet evening?? really??? Mawson was drunkenly trotting about the place not wanting to settle, and when he settled for a millisecond I was faced with this:

Can anyone look more miserable?

That was his face for the whole evening... looking at me like I was the meanest mummy of all time, moreover for putting that huge thing on him.

He then developed an attitude of: you are keeping that thing on me so I will make sure I bump into everything and keep trying to pass between your legs at full speed... that plastic cone is painful. Still we didn't give in both of us and by us I mean Mawson and me.... He was making a whole drama about trying to drink and eat too... anything he could find really and he has a big imagination.

Keeping a GSP quiet for 10 days is like trying to find a chicken with teeth under a flying pig, not going to happen, so we did walks lot of walks... with a head halter...
We succeeded to get through it all and was finally free from the cone. But I must say I loved to see Mawson carrying around his rabbit toy...

Mister rabbit keeping on with his duties.
So here is the new and lighter GSP from Oz.
And now we have his official papers and his official name: Moruada Mawson Gigolo!

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