Sunday, 16 June 2013


I know it's a bit late (or early) to talk about Christmas, but that will teach me to start this blog in May!
This year was obviously the first Christmas of Mawson. As an extra present for him, my parents visited from France for a few weeks which was great. Mawson was not too sure about the invasion of his house at the beginning but he soon warmed up and decided that two extra pairs of hands for cuddles were pretty darn good!

Christmas in Australia is special, at least it still is for my European brain. It is quite hard to reconcile Christmas with 40˚C temperatures and BBQ. But what I find the funniest is that they still keep a lot of the typical northern hemisphere traditions of Christmas trees and "snow". But also poor guys dressed in father Christmas sweating their way through the day and trying to look happy for the kids!
This year though I have seen a few modifications to the traditional full dress-up suit:

Father Christmas in shorts!

Mawson also had to play dress-up for the camera. He was definitely not impressed by my ideas but somehow succeeded to stay still for the millisecond it took for the pic (I am not showing the outtakes). 

The official Christmas postcard...

Father Christmas rewarded him with some fluffy squeaky toy that got modified rather quickly by Mawson. Apparently the hat and the threads were superfluous...

Christmas teddy
Anyway we had a great Christmas and we all had a lot of fun.

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