Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mawson the wimp vs water

Mawson came home in May, which in Australia is in autumn. I know it is still weird to my definitely northern hemisphere neurones. That means an interesting mix of weather from nice sunny days to torrential rainy days.
Very early on, we discovered that puppy Mawson hated the wet stuff. Did not want to put his feet in puddles, go out in the rain, nothing. It was actually quite ok with me, walks in the rain are not the best thing ever mostly when a bit cold. But that also means that Mawson did not want to put a paw outside for his regular toilet break... unless somebody was shading him from the rain...
Have you ever felt silly at 3am when you go out with a pup and an umbrella for his highness just because 3 drops of rains might be falling on him and you just want to go back to bed, no? So that's just me then...

The fact that Mawson wasn't fussed about the water didn't really bother us, however, I was thinking that we got a broken water dog! We tried a few times to go to beaches where dogs were allowed, even went in the water to show him and try to entice him... Nope! Mawson was always staying at a healthy 3m away from the edge. Crying all along because we were going in the water to drown and let him all alone on the sand... Yes he is a drama queen, that will become apparent in future post...

A huge first: the two front paws in 10cm of water!!

One thing you can also notice is that we had a huge infestation of curl grubs that destroyed our entire lawn last year, but that's another story...

Mister rabbit getting drowned

Blowing bubbles in the shell pool
And then one day we went to the beach again, and suddenly Mawson was in the water! For some reason unknown to us, he realised water was fun.
He is quite a good swimmer too. Martin was saying that he would enter the Christmas eve dog race between Church Point and Scotland Island. But that still remains to be seen! It is a 600m race where a dog has to swim with his human counterpart (who can be swimming, kayaking or rowing I think). there are two categories one for big and one for small dogs. The entry fee has always been a long neck of beer and a can of dog food, total prize that the winner of the two categories share! That's fun and a bit insane but has been going on since 1974. Hopefully, rules and regulations won't stop this though I think there was issues with the council or something, we'll see...

Fun at the beach

Mawson's favorite pastime, running like a hell hound and
getting all the dogs to chase him. Not the best example here,
but he is the ears and legs on the left coming towards me...

Being stalked, but IN the water!!!

Water is fun!!!!

Now that he has realise water was cool, we have the opposite problem: keeping him out of the water and the pool... (and also that he doesn"t send flying any of the tiny barely walking toldlers that some people insist in bringing and letting stumble around onto one of the very few dedicated dog beach in Sydney...)

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