Thursday, 20 February 2014


I don't want to complain (actually I DO!) but I have to say that the service from the minions has been pretty poor lately. They say that they are supposedly "working"... yeah right we all know what that means... drinking coffees all day long, hey!
And what's worse, my access to the computer has been really restricted, because they are hugging everything! How am I to keep in touch with all my buddies if I get access only a meagre couple of times a day hey?!? And at what times? I need my beauty sleep.

My welfare is not even taken into consideration... To add insult to injury we didn't even go to our agility training with my mates Jaxon and Coco... again.. they were "working"! I don't care if you have to read grant submissions and review stuff, I want to RUN!!! tsss the Help these days...
you still typing on your laptop?
does it throw the ball that laptop mmm?


  1. Oh no! Poor Mawson! No wonder I didn't see you. My mum has also been very busy at work, but not that bad! We will do zoomies together tomorrow! Paws up buddy. :-)

    1. They've been so bad! I still make sure I demand my regular exercise but not been very fancy... I am fully planning for mad GSPs zoomies tomorrow. Maybe we could do a new event: start pair zoomies (I think we can qualify straight to master level!)