Monday, 3 February 2014

Woohoo, playing with the moving chicken nuggets

I've seen them, gosh I've seen them. Dad was holding me and mum was near the chicks!! The minions said something like there's a lot of work to do... Don't know apparently the chicks need to work? I got a bit excitedly whiny so dad went back out with me.
That's weird cause I'm sure they are multiplying... and changing colours?! They are magical nuggets!
I'm sure I saw those guys before
And now they look like that... they're not the same aren't they?! It's not just me...
What mum? Oh I see, mmmm all right got it...
So apparently, one of our original little nugget was a bit sickly and didn't make it, snif, NOT my fault by the way, just in case any of you tries to accuse me! I'm fully innocent!!!
So mum went back to get some preventive treatment for the rest of the chicks and got another couple of different ones. Yay more nuggets... sorry, "chicks"
Mum wants me to say that we have two dark barred Plymouth Rocks and two Barnevelders (one light and one dark). Whatever mum, they're nuggets!!
Now let's make sure they get bigger and juicier... mwahaha. Mum's been all proud too because she did some parts of the hen's future house all alone, well it doesn't take much to make her proud, does it... I'm sure she'll show you soon what she did all by herself, like an all growed up mummy, if she can work out the camera!

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