Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Well as mum is, as per usual I shall add, useless...Trick and treat Tuesday has been postponed for another week! So I thought I would show you MY new trick :)

It is the end of the summer here and we've seen the sun getting up later and going down earlier (sniff!!). In addition to that there seems to have been a boom of Wabbits around... I love Babbits, in any shape and form.
The twilights are my most alert times for rabbit detection, mum isn't very happy about that because we do a lot of training then... tough luck mum, you'll have to grin and bear it as they say... mwahahaha!

And even better, the grounds of the dog training club are surrounded by national parks, and I can smell wabbbits EVERYWHERE. So now as soon as we go for anything outside, I keep a good look-out for my little friends by sneaking about and point at all smells and moves I detect... just in case some rabbits would appear and want to play chase, or have a tight cuddle with me *wink wink*...
new..ish?? trick: the point... Babbits that way ->

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