Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I'm handsome...

Not much to add or explain really... I'm so handsome! I should be banned, it's unfair to anything else on Earth, the Universe even... 
What did you say mum, I'm also very what? Modest? Wot?!?!
Well if you take it that way... I'm also fantastic at agility!! What did mummy say about me having a crisis on saturday? Well yeah ok, I did can't say otherwise, but I came THIRD in the JD event (that last one where I relaxed a bit after a cuddle) I only got one fault and came 3rd!! They didn't even stay to get my ribbon, now I need to chase it up somewhere!!! Woohoo me :P  beauty and brains!!!
Wot mum? beauty and one neurone? *aghast* how rude!!

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