Monday, 17 February 2014

Professor Mawson: will it float or will it sink? (2)

Well my dear viewers, I am back again for a new episode of "will it float or will it sink?".
This morning, I was at the "new" dog park, assisted with the excellent minion that I like to call "daddy". Our experiment consists of 3 Hi bounce balls (extremely good for stoopidly high bounces that make mum swear) and a rather large storm drain with a gapping hole on the side.

Anyhow, the whole experimental procedure is as follows:

- Make the minion throw the ball for an innocent game of fetch
- Retrieve the ball a few times, so the minion becomes relaxed and throws the ball further
- When the perfect long throw arrives, catch it (easy...) and rush towards the storm drain before the minion's interception
- Drop the ball in the gapping hole on the side of the storm drain
- Look down to check if the ball floats or sink and tadaaa
- Last but not least make sure that the assistant concur with the result of the test

Obviously every good scientific study requires multiple replication of the experiment, so I carried out this three times... :P

I do apologise for the lack of pictorial illustrations, the minion was too busy avoiding the drops of rain... but I whipped up this little drawing for better understanding...
scientific hypothesis and experimental design
experimental procedure and observations
And just so you know, when the ball goes into the big hole, the Hi bounce ball floats but then disappear... dunno where?!

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