Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Eviction letter

That's it! Those nuggets are getting the paw (sorry but don't have boots!). They are getting so noisy I don't even hear myself sleeping. Mostly that little brown thing that would just be a tasty bite if the minions were not looking...

And they have such a cheek! They went and hacked into my twitter account last time and posted a pic  of themselves on it!!! All my mates on there saw it! They even called me a "silly furry dog" *shocked*!

Even worse they take up all of the minions' time and make mum's eyes all leaky... a few days ago she came back out all sniffly saying that one of the 3 nuggets left had suddenly stopped eating and was very poorly... I had to give her a big cuddle and lick her face to make her feel better. Even offered my assistance with the chick but she didn't take up on my offer... Anyhow, after that mum went back with them and spent ages in the room. Barely had a cuddle for the whole evening. See I'm being neglected!

So I don't care if the minions haven't finished with the coop yet, I'm preparing an eviction letter. It's me or the chicks, this house is too small for the both (mmm "all") of us. And actually there is no or there, it's only ME!!! Na mais...

Now need to open that document and type that letter... mmm not sure if the printer is still connected and damn there's no paper... How does that thing work?...
 They've even been upgraded to a full crate like mine except a tad smaller! I have the same accommodation as the nuggets!! That will definitely not do!
Ooooops, I think they saw me, quick let's go they're going to grass on me to mum

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