Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mawson the cowboy trady

Mum just found pics she took from our last agility training at St Ives. It was sooooo hot. But Paris found a way of keeping cool. She dug herself a little hole where she could just fit in. She nearly disappeared. 
I'm jealous, I want a hole too! But I'm not allowed to dig, or mum is going to tell me off :( 

However, when she turned her back I created an extension to Paris' new house. She wasn't impressed because it was a bit bigger than her afterwards... And mum wasn't impressed either by my construction skills.

All I have to say is that girls are never happy, I was just trying to help... didn't want Paris to dirty her pretty little white paws... Grump, that will teach me to be a gentleman! 


  1. Too cute Miss Paris.
    I think you were being a gentleman Mawson.

  2. Thanks mate, I thought I was too! I'm sooooo misunderstood, it's nice to have somebody who gets my "vision"!