Friday, 23 January 2015

T'is too hot

There has been some really hot weather lately. I know I have short fur, but I still do not like it when it is in the 30s˚C. Nothing you can do except sweat, pant and get sunburnt. I don't want to get my poor nose sunburnt! Ouch! And another issue is that the stones and roads get hot and it roasts my paw pads!! So the only thing to do is to snooze, preferably under the fan. You have to find the right comfortable position though. It can take a bit of effort... 
quite comfy but would be better if I had
the space to stretch my head
The minions laughed at me because I was wriggling so much that I rolled off the sofa... Several times... The first time Dad was underneath me. That cushioned the landing if you see what I mean... The time after that, I heard a bit of a rush of movement of what sounded like my bed before I got rudely awaken while falling... Oh weird my bed was underneath me, thought I left it across the room...
I'm HOT, whine... I want to go in the pool, whine...
Anyway, looks like the hot weather is going to continue for a few more days, it's too much! Can I go in the pool now please?

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