Saturday, 31 January 2015

A pup has to do what a pup has to do...

Well you see, I got a bit jealous a few days earlier... Hearing from all those pups on twitter who are allowed on the big bed with their minions, I decided to make a break for it. Dad was away up north playing with other dogs (humpfffff!!!) and it was the last night of him being away... So when Mum told me to go on my bed after we were calling it a night, I jumped straight up on the big bed uninvited and dropped down quickly into a tiny curled up ball on Dad's spot... RESULT!!
Unfortunately, Mum didn't see the cuteness and fun side of it and I got unceremoniously thrown out...  Even with my bestest puppy eyes and ears, her cold frozen heart did not melt the tiniest bit... Darn woman!! *sigh* I think I have to try that on Dad when we're alone together, he wouldn't push me off the big bed for sure!

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