Saturday, 2 August 2014

My precious!

The minions are torturing me once again. But now I have the full video proof of it! You know how I like to play fetch and I like bouncy little plastic balls HiBounce. Well last time we were waiting to go out and they had one of them and they bounced it and were pretending to throw it but not really. Poor little me, look!!

You can see how tortured and mistreated I am in the video... *sobs*


  1. sooo sad you look!!!! you have really bad parents!!!! poor Mawson!!!! You should run away, book a flight and come to France, Aunt C├ęcile will rescue you ( You will have a little sister)

    1. Oh thanks for seeing how mistreated I am! Nobody ever believes me! I have been working on my passport to escape, now I need to get the minions' credit card and find a flight! Will Gaufrette share her bed with me?

    2. Well Gaufrette is already sharing her bed with us, but do not worry, we will get a king size bed for the 4 of us!!! :)