Friday, 25 July 2014

Somebody mentioned a hay stack?

Uh oh... Dad and I are in the Dog House!! Which is something to say given that we all leave in the same house. But I also want to add that I am the unfortunate victim of a plot, because really I haven't done nothing wrong at all, as you will see...
Dad decided that he was going to repair some of his shorts. He's got an increasingly bigger belly so he popped a few buttons... Uh what Dad? No not saying anything, nothing at all....
So he asked Mum to find him buttons because even though he found the sewing kit, he must have had difficulty looking into the little bag...*giggles*
Well after Mum found him some buttons he applied himself to the task. Mum was doing some cleaning in another room, but I decided to stay and help Dad, moral support and all that.
After a bit Mum came back to see if we were still alive or all sewn together. And guess what? We were still alive!!
I was doing quality spot checking around Dad. Mum came round to give me a little cuddle, she's needy like that... But then she looked at me weird because I was chewing a bit. Wot?? Can't a pup chew a bit? Chew, chew, chew... She thought I was chewing a bit long so she decided to look at what I was chewing and put her whole fingers and hand in my mouth... I hope she washed her hands before doing that really! And she kept poking and suddenly I hear a OH GOSH! More poking... and she finally pulls out a big needle out of the side of my tongue...Uh oops, was I not suppose to hold on to that for Dad??
So then Mum just told us both off. Dad for spreading needles around and me for scoffing everything I find. Don't see anything wrong with just checking what is on the floor and I am innocent of any wrong-doing, though still somehow blamed... So now Dad and I are sulking...

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