Friday, 11 July 2014

They're not broken!!

Oh My Dog!! Sorry peeps, was going to tell you what we've been up to last weekend, but that will have to wait!! You know how I was complaining that the hens were broken and only using up space, and that I couldn't even eat one or two...
Well turns out they're not broken! Or at least one of them is working. That's two days in a row that the minions found a little egg in there. We're not sure whose it is, because it's an anonymous egg, it's masked, like zorro... But we've etched a plan to know who is the culprit. We're going to send Dad out with a cup of tea tomorrow morning while Mum and I wait next to the fire, mwahaha!
Seems like the secretive hen is an early riser too, because she must have prepared her eggs at about 7.45am. I guess that's good for breakfast on the weekends :)
Now we need to fix the other 5 hens and we'll have to get Mum to make plenty of cakes and yummy food, oh yes and homemade treats for me!!
And the minions said I could go and look for the eggs in the morning, yay!!!

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