Thursday, 28 August 2014

The minion's disappearance

Well pals, it happened after 2.5 years... It started all innocently. The minions were putting things in a bag and then, the door bell went off and the next thing I remember was being put in a van! with a strange person I didn't know, and no minion!! They abandoned me, or I was dog-napped!! I got left with weird strangers *sobs* for an eternity *sobs again*

Ok the weird strangers were actually pretty nice... and I got my own big place and treats and pigs ears and we played a lot of ball games... BUT I HAD NO MINIONS!

I'm hesitating between two explanations for this ordeal:
1- I was dog-napped and the minions looked for me tirelessly for 3 days and nights and finally tracked my captors and me down in a state wide search for little me, that's the most dramatic and really the most sensible explanation I can think of...
2- I believe their incredible far fetched story that they had to go up north for something and I couldn't come in the plane... Why can't I come in the plane, they didn't even ask me hey? I'm sure they just invented that story to lessen the drama of my dog-napping really....

But I do have some doubts about their whereabouts and how hard they looked for me, because they keep taking about what a nice time they had and how nice something was... It must be a ruse, something couldn't have been so good without ME really...
But then look what I found in their pics!! Uh Dad?? Is that you?!?!
Well all that is really strange... And then after we finally get reunited, Dad disappears again. We all drove in Mum's little red car one morning and Dad got out with a big bag and I haven't seen him since!! He might have been dad-napped!! But Mum doesn't seem to be looking for him at all! What is happening?
I'm so depressed I had to ask the hens for some of their eggs, for once they were nice and gave me some to add in my brekkies. But Winifred the silver grey dorking is still talking about it... Gosh she doesn't stop cackling that one, I need earplugs...


  1. Oh Mawson! That sounds horrible. Dog-napped... No!!!! I am sure they were looking for you day and night. Now I am definitely going to start this tracking training so I can help them find you faster next time something horrible like that happens.

    1. Thanks mate! It was... so hard!! I don't know how I survived... I think we should all definitely do some tracking, did a bit before and it's really cool and so useful in such dramatic circumstances!!